The Story behind Ninja Cloak Proxy Server

As We All Know Ninja Proxy Was One of the first web Proxies Created on the internet providing an online based proxy service to help people unblocking blocked websites from school or work place or even from restricted countries and today we are here to let you know about the best ninja proxy alternative as the original one is no longer working .

WebProxy.Ninja Ninja Proxy Alternative :

As You can see the new ninja Proxy Server is back from the dead in a new look but almost the same functions you can easely unblock websites using this web proxy only by click on Bypass button To access the search bar witch connected to a powerfull proxy server

how To use Ninja Proxy ?

even a babe of 2 years old can use it we made it so simple so you dont have even to think all what you have to do is to type the url in the search bar and then click START and Boooooom the website is unblocked from a diffrent IP Location lets us know in comment if it works for you .

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